(Un)framing Borders: sharing knowledge across boundaries of art, visual culture and education

(Un)framing borders seeks to create a space across time and place to investigate the question: what are borders? Borders exist not only as demarcations of national identities, but also as delineations across education by dividing disciplines, defining educational settings, and limiting access and availability. We envision EC2022 as an opportunity for undergraduate/graduate students, formally-trained educators, museum/community educators, and non-academic art educators to come together to learn, unlearn and share knowledge across disciplines.

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Some questions to contemplate:

  • What do borders frame? How do they limit access and approach?

  • What does it mean to make borders visible? How might art and education materially interrogate and conceptually question our relationship with borders?

  • How can we create inter/trans-disciplinary access between the borders of teaching and education?

  • What does theoretical and pedagogical un-framing of academic teaching boundaries look like?

  • In what context are borders supportive in sharing knowledge, if any?

  • Borders within and outside a person, how are they same/different? How do they impact the way we learn and share knowledge ?

Event Details
This is a hybrid event - presentations/ workshops will take place virtually on Friday, November 4 and in person on Saturday, November 5. There will be live-stream and recording provided during each day.

*Check agenda tab for updates and formal schedule!

Proposal expectation
Please review the call for presentation document for additional details of the proposal requirements.

*EXTENDED! Deadline to submit: September 19, 2022!